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California Three Percenters (CAIII%) is a fellowship of proud Americans who wish to preserve the core tenets of the Constitution and our American way of life. We believe that through acts of service (volunteering, donating, civic engagement, etc.) we can contribute to the improvement and strength of our communities, and thereby our country.  We look for opportunities to get involved. We believe in the American spirit, which includes helping our neighbors, or those who have fallen on hard times.

Members in our organization strive towards self-improvement by training in a variety of skills that would better prepare us for a crisis or disaster situation. This can include learning First Aid/medical skills, communications (ham), food preservation, basic survival, and much more. By being personally prepared, we are thereby stronger and better able to care for our families

and assist our communities as a whole in the face of adversity.

We give the highest respect to our Veterans, our Military members and to our First Responders.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and do not discriminate on any level. We exist to make each other better. We are based solely in California and are not part of any larger organization, allowing us to remain focused on

preparing, improving and assisting the people and communities of California.

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If you are hungry, I will offer food.
If you are thirsty, I will offer water.
If you are cold, I will offer warmth.
If you are in need, ask and I will give.
If you are in trouble, ask and I will help.
I do not do these things in the hopes of being rewarded.
I do not do these things out of fear of punishment.
I do these things because I know them to be right. 
I set my own standards and I alone enforce them. 


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