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Long Time No Talk

We want to thank everyone for your continued support of our Organization. We regularly receive comments of support and we want you to know they are read and very much appreciated. It has been a long time since we've shared anything with anyone outside of our organization. That needs to change and it is changing starting now.

In the coming months, we will be updating this blog and our website so that all of you can see a little bit of what we are accomplishing in our communities. We will be updating our website and this blog so that you can see all of the hard work our members do in making themselves, their families, and their communities better.

We are a very active organization and it's time we shared some of the good deeds that our members do and some of the life saving knowledge that we share with each other.

Since January, our members have set out a plan to work in our communities up and down the state. We have set monthly public relations goals that the members of our organization have taken head on. We have already touched a lot of lives and are eager to have a positive influence on even more.

We will be sharing pictures and videos of some of these events. We are not doing this in hopes of recognition. We beleive doing good deeds for others is just the right thing to do. We have decided to share our experiences with the hope that we can inspire people outside of our organization to follow our lead and try to have a positive impact on your neighbors.

Please check back often with us to see what we have accomplished. Great things are in our future.


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